"Electro Polishing-SS 1000"
Electropolishing of metals has proved to be chea per than mechanical polishing.

It is a single concentrate used as it is without any dilution to electro polish stainless steels.

It provides the following benefits:


1. It is an excellent electropolisher.
2. It produces a surface with better reflectivity.
3. It is used in "deburring".
4. It is exceptionally useful for complex parts polishing.
5. It can finish difficult parts much more readily than they could be treated by mechanical polishing.
6. It is an economical process.
7. It is used to produce the desired dimensional requirements.
8. It does not introduce stress, while grinding, machining, honing, mechanical polishing …etc. It leaves an outermost surface layer of stressed metal.
9. It results in a uniform and fine grain structure which is best for mirror-like structure.