NICKEL PLATING (Bright Nickel)

Our bright nickel process produces mirror – bright deposits with excellent ductility and leveling.

“Nickel 2000” is one of the most versatile surface finishing processes available.

It is the latest modern generation of bright nickel processes.

ADVANTAGES "Nickel 2000"

  1. Produces fully bright, brilliant deposits.

  2. Has completely revolutionized the practice of decorative nickel.

  3. Produces fully leveled surfaces.

  4. Has superior ductility.

  5. Excellent to chromium plate.

  6. Very economic system.

  7. Very easy to operate.

  8. Used for both rack and barrel system.

  9. Works within a wide range of operation.

  10. Has a wide range to clearance of metal Impurities (Fe, Cu and Zn).

  11. Produce no harmful byproducts as a result of plating reactions.

  12. Greatly environmental friend.


"Nickel" system consists of the following items:

  • Ni Star (C): (Carrier), the base additive system.

  • Ni 2000 (B): (Brightener), (Leveler).

  • Ni Star (L): (Leveler), it is optional.

  • Ni Star (A) air: (Wetting agent) for air agitated baths.

  • Ni Star (A) mech.: (Wetting agent) for mechanical baths.

  • Ni Star (P): (Purifier), especially for removing metal impurities.

  • Ni Star (K): (Booster), optional to accelerate plate brightness.