It is used for all steels under 0.2% Carbon. It can be operated in all units, little and big ones, manual or automatic.

After degreasing and pickling, use "Mirror Steel"  before electroplating, phosphating or painting. One simple operation of dipping gives a mirror surface within 20 Sec. to about 2 min.

After this process, the pieces are rinsed in running water.

Time of Treatment: 20 sec. – 2 min. 

1. It is a simple dipping operation.
2. It doesn't need heating.
3. It doesn't need electricity.
4. It gives very bright surface within 20 sec. to 2 min.
5. Surface reflectivity is about 85-90%.
6. It is very suitable to polish small mild steel parts.
7. It can be used as alternative solution to mechanical polishing.