Cleaners of Metals (Chemical & Electrochemical)

11 February 17

 I. Chemical degreaser:

“Soak Degreaser 400” is a highly strong degreaser:

1. Used before any plating process.

2. Used before phosphating or blackening process.

3. Used for ferrous and copper base metals.

4. It is cyanide and EDTA free.

5. It removes grease, soil, weak scale layers and leaves the surface active and bright.

6. It can be –also- used as electrodegreaser.

 II. Electrochemical degreaser:

“Electrocleaner 450” is a highly strong degreaser:

 1. It is designed for electrolytic cleaning of steel before plating process.

2. It is alkaline free cyanide and of high conductivity Electrocleaner.