The bright cyanide cadmium process “Cadmium 100 Y” is mainly used for plating on marine parts to obtain uniform brightness and excellent corrosion resistance against salt water in combination with suitable chromates andpassivations. Cadmium deposits are also suitable for aerospace depending upon their specifications.

It provides the following benefits:


1. It is a single additive Cadmium brightener of cyanide
2. A wetting agent, is to be added only when a solution is prepared for the 1st time or when converting an existing bath.
3. It is very economic.
4. It produces exceptional white brilliance approaches silver deposit appearance,
   (Specifically afterpassivation with “Cadmium 101 Y-Non-Colored”).
5. It produces super Corrosion resistance.
6. It has exceptional marine and environmental protection.
7. It produces excellent throwing power, ductility, solderability and lubricity.
8. It is highly stable; it requires little adjustment.
9. It used for barrel & rack systems.
10. It Works with high or low cadmium content.
11. Its deposits can be easily chromated.
12. Its rate of deposition: 0.8 microns/min.,at 2.0 A/dm2.
13. It is applied to all ferrous materials (including malleableiron) & to brass & aluminum.

"Cyanide Cadmium" system consists of the following items:

  • “Cadmium 100 Y” : Brightener.
  • “Cadmium 100 W”: Wetting agent.
  • “Cadmium 100 P”: Purifier.
  • “Cadmium 101 Y-Non-Colored”: Passivation.